SilkMachine project

Marcus Daniels
05 May 1997 00:27:52 -0700

>>>>> "KM" == Kelly Murray <kem@Franz.COM> writes:

KM> I think this has to involve using ACL in some form.

KM> ACL has already been ported to run under Linux.  Franz has already
KM> developed AllegroStore which implements a persistent object
KM> system, which I've worked on extensively.  I've already written a
KM> working web server (written in SilkScript) that uses persistent
KM> objects, and have developed a few simple applications, 100%
KM> web-browser user-interface.  I've already started working on a
KM> hardware page-level persistent object system, which is working in
KM> the prototype stage.  I've already written a very fast simplified
KM> CLOS subset.

So it sounds like Franz has decided to become a freeware support
organization!  What a delightful possibility!  This would indeed
be excellent motivation for doing everything in our power to help
ACL achieve world dominance.