Publishing Genera doc in HTML (was: About lispOS...)

Stefan Bamberger
Mon, 5 May 1997 15:31:44 +0100

At 22:10 Uhr 03.05.1997, wrote:
>    Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 13:30 EDT
>    From: Luca Pisati <>
>    Rainer Joswig wrote:
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>    > At 21:16 Uhr +0000 28.4.1997, Alaric B. Williams wrote:


>    > converter. You would put >10000 pages Lisp machine documentation
>    > online.
>    Does anybody in this list still works at Symbolics ?
>    Could the Genera doc be made available in HTML or PDF format
>    through the Web ?
>It's been on my list of things to do. There was a rumor that someone in Germany
>had actually done some working to get the document examiner to output to html,
>but both John Mallery and my attempts to contact the revelant party never
>any answer.
>    (Even whitout an HTML converter, Document examiner can print
>    postcript to files, which can be turned into PDF)


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in a term project at our university a format independent text tool was
developped. In the meanwhile, one of those students developed a Lisp code
documentation tool on top of it.

Input is a start folder,

output is the documentation of all the functions, macros, classes,
methods,..., external, internal, ... and all documentations of them
provided by documentation strings (so far no comments).
Also alphabetical index, class trees and so on are created as separate
Output formats being supported so far are HTML, TEX and RTF.
For HTML you get a real bunch of HTML-files you can look at with you
favourite browser.

The tool is walking recursively through all files in all folders below the
start folder (you can exclude folders from being parsed) and anylyzes them.

Actually, the transformation algorithm from the meta language to the chosen
target format is something dump (Tex and RTF looks exactly like the HTML
layout) - there are no real 'device drivers'.

It is tested in MCL, ACL/W and SGI (Stefan Landvogt, do you mind sending us
the SGI patches??).

For an example how the generated documentation looks like, see the
following link:

It's the documentation of the documentation tool :))
Feel free for any comments or suggestions.

It's not very fast, but good documentation needn't be changed so often ....

- stefan

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