Still more License issues

Marcus G. Daniels
05 May 1997 08:16:43 -0700

>>>>> "MC" == Martin Cracauer <> writes:

MC> My only way to choose one of the licenses (BSD, GPL or public
MC> domain) is to choose the one that gets the most developers into
MC> the boat. My own goals are not related to a license, but to the
MC> performance of the development team, which is soemwhat f(licese).

I really think there is nothing to be gained by continuing this
discussion.  It seems the core pieces of code we share must
remain in the public domain until which point we satisfy enough
technical goals.  At that point, one group may attempt to go
proprietary, and another group will just make sure a GPL fork occurs.
The other components can be whatever, but mine with almost certainly be GPLed.