Still Linux vs BSD

Dwight Hughes
Mon, 5 May 1997 10:55:16 -0500

| From: Fare Rideau <>
  [ -- snip -- ]
| GPL *helped* Linux grow, whereas BSD license actually prevented BSD grow;
| people know that GPL code is not controlled by anyone;
| they feel that BSD code can be stolen from them,
| and that the original author/RUC gets too much credit for them
| to want to hack the code significantly.
| There are lots of documents in the GNU documentation
| to dispell myths about it, and explain the rights of contributors;
| I saw no such disclaimers or explanations in BSD documentation.
| Maybe also an issue of knowing who is politically supporting
| the software license. Finally, the legalese in the GPL/LGPL
| guarantees you that the text would have value in court.
| BSD license leaves you without right.
| Which did you say was a virus?

I didn't actually say it was a virus, but it can be a bit of a
pain in the butt to meet their requirements.

| All that is not to say anything against the technical quality of BSD...
| Quality isn't everything. Proprietary technology killed the LispMs,
| as they have been killing NeXT, Amiga, Acorn, Be, Taligent,
| and so many other innovative computer products.
| I feel like BSD license (or lack thereof) is preventing BSD growth, too.
| #f

Come on Fare, don't be shy, tell us what you really think! <G>

The primary point I really agree with the GPL/LGPL is their stance
against software patents and the protection of free software 
against them. The rest is no big deal to me -- I just want this 
project to succeed.