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> Now, why am I coming around?  Because there seems to be tremendous
> energy behind using Linux/BSD as the dev platform.  I hear  
> a lot of talk of just taking Linux and bit-by-bit replacing the C
> parts with Lisp.  In this scenario, the Unix model will be with us
> for some time to come.  It's not my ideal for a Lisp OS, but it is
> an interesting project with definite goals which will ultimately have 
> tremendous benefits (it will, for example be the best platform for
> developing the Lisp OS with fully Lispy internals).  So, let's not
> spend any thought to C->Lisp now.  It's definitely a sideshow.

Well said.  It seems that a system built on Linux/BSD and gradually replacing 
the pieces is more likely to actually be built.  Once it is, it would be 
a great platform on which to build the system that I think we all really want. 
It'll also be a good place to make mistakes which can be learned from before 
the real OS is written.  If we can focus on this model, then we can stop 
arguing about whether or not pathnames should be supported and instead try to 
generalize an interface which can support both pathnames and something more 

So...while the linux/BSD argument rages on, could I get a quick pointer to 
CMU-CL from someone since we appear to have agreed on that?


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