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Dwight Hughes
Mon, 5 May 1997 13:56:57 -0500

| From:
| Well said.  It seems that a system built on Linux/BSD and gradually
| the pieces is more likely to actually be built.  Once it is, it would be 
| a great platform on which to build the system that I think we all really
| It'll also be a good place to make mistakes which can be learned from
| the real OS is written.  If we can focus on this model, then we can stop 
| arguing about whether or not pathnames should be supported and instead
try to 
| generalize an interface which can support both pathnames and something
| lispy.
| So...while the linux/BSD argument rages on, could I get a quick pointer
| CMU-CL from someone since we appear to have agreed on that?
| Chris

Ah, well, that I can do: 
CMU-CL is at <>.

I second (third?) your comments as well.

-- Dwight