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I was thinking about the development model in use when I was a Symbolics and I 
think it would be a wonderful project for someone to figure out how to 
implement a www enabled equivalent to the LispM system system.  

LispOS users should be able to type "Load Patches" and their system would then
go to my system (or a mirror) to find patches to oomph; Mike McDonald's system
(or a mirror) to find patches to clim; etc.  I could also authorize certain
users to make patches directly to oomph which other users's patches would 
require vetting before becoming part of the system.

Clearly this is (a) a large difficult system to create, and (b) the sooner 
it's created the better.  I know I'm underqualified to design such a thing, but 
if someone out there wants to design an important high-level pieces of the 
LispOS, it sure would be useful to figure out what facilities this would need 
underneath as soon as possible.

This would provide a whole new approach to distributed software development.

Just dreaming,

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