Samsung announces 0.35 micron ASIC family featuring 24Mb of embedded DRAM in a unified process

David Gadbois
Tue, 6 May 1997 17:18:22 -0500 (CDT)

   From: Alexey Goldin <>
   Date: 06 May 1997 16:50:22 -0500

   David Gadbois <> writes:

   > about the CPI.  Or just use the existing Alpha AXP core and run
   > Open Genera if only !@#$ Digital UNIX didn't require 32MB.

   IMHO slap in your face price tag of 18.5K$ and no-academic-pricing
   policy is much more significant than pretty modest in cost sense
   32Mb (about $200) Digital Unix memory requirement.

I recall the USD 18K price was for Open Genera 1.0 from Symbolics,
Inc.  When I talked to the nice fellow at Symbolics Technology,
Inc. (the company that bought Symbolics, Inc.'s assets) a few weeks
ago, they were talking USD 5K per CPU for the full kit and a USD 750
delivery license.  There also seemed to be room for negotiation on
quantity discounts.  Not cheap, but cheaper than, e.g., the list price
for the full development environment from Franz, Inc.

It would be great to have a freeware equivalent, but, jeez, Genera was
the result of hundreds of man-years of effort by some very talented
people and was done in the environment of one of those
techno-wonderlands that only seem to come about by chance.

--David Gadbois