GNU A Possible Ally?
Tue, 6 May 1997 20:28:52 -0500 (CDT)

Hey all.

If this has been mentioned before, then please forgive me.  There
is a lot of volume here and very often I'll skim the email for
want of time.

GNU seems to have a vested interest in propagating Lisp as well.
As a matter of fact, right off the bat I find the following:

  1) One of the goals of GNU is to develop "a Lisp-based window 
       system through which several Lisp programs and ordinary
       Unix programs can share a screen", in addition to having
       Lisp (along with C) as a system programming language (is
       Guile the culmination of that effort?).

  2) Emacs (originally written by Stallman, the author of the
       GNU manifesto which states the above goal), is largely
       written in Lisp and uses Lisp as its extension language.

  3) A portable Common Lisp implementation (already done right? GCL?)

[There may be more]

Given all of the above I'm interested in knowing just how much of
an ally (if any) can we consider GNU?  I mean, given that some of
our goals overlap (especially intermediate ones), what does
everyone think about possibly looking into getting some support
for our project?  I'm sure GNU has its hands full, but maybe
this could be mutually beneficial enough that we could get some
help (maybe they've got some source or something lying around...
who knows?).

All opinions are welcome.


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