OODBMS & smtp/pop

Chris Bitmead uid(x22068) Chris.Bitmead@Alcatel.com.au
Wed, 07 May 1997 11:59:30 +1000

>2.  Early OODBMS's and RDBMS's failed miserably on 'bulk' data such as
>audio and video images.  As a result, these DBMS vendors had to
>scramble after-the-fact to provide efficient storage and retrieval for
>such bulk data.  You gotta do this, so plan on it.

I don't think the early OODBMS's sucked at this. It's just that people
didn't use them right. The problem with storing bulk images in OODBMS
is that it's tempting to just store it as one big blob. This is a
problem because it's all got to be loaded in one hit which is a
performance and memory problem.

We should have a standard "blob" object from which things like gif,
and tar files inherit from. The blob object would do similar things
that the UNIX fs does. i.e. it has blocks and indirect blocks etc. All
this would be hidden behind some streams interface.