Our Manifesto (Please Read)

Chris Bitmead uid(x22068) Chris.Bitmead@Alcatel.com.au
Wed, 07 May 1997 12:17:47 +1000

>Also there are some parts of this document which specifically need
>fixing.  The first and most immediate is the name of our project.
>I've seen "Silk" recommended, but I couldn't see any kind of
>widespread agreement on the use of that name.  

Let's have a vote on this. Personally I vote for "LispOS". It's
clear and obvious what it means (which is important for something
which is as yet still obscure).

I also vote that we put a few other characters in the name to make it
a bit clever and unique. (A bit like TeX has the strange
capitalisation.) I therefore nomintate the name...

(Lisp OS)

With the parenthesis giving it a lispish flavour.

I suggest that everyone send their vote to Ahmed so we can settle on a