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Martti Halminen Martti.Halminen@dpe.fi
Wed, 07 May 1997 15:35:35 +0300

Chris Bitmead uid(x22068) wrote:
> >  But on a more serious note, I use LispOS to refer to the kernel/OS
> >related portions. There's also the apps portion for which I have no
> >name. For the combination, I use PC LispM.
> Oh, I think most people refer to the OS as meaning everything, not
> just the kernel. How about...
> (+ (Lisp Kernel) (Lisp Utilities))
> => (Lisp OS)

Considering the amount of parentophobia in the general populace I would
suggest minimizing the use of not strictly necessary parentheses in the
name.  It should be short, easy to write and somewhat related to what
the system is doing. My vote would be LispOS.
 - On the other hand, I think the name is not the most important thing
at this stage. I'd suggest building the system first and using whatever
name survives :-)

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