A name for this OS

Richard Coleman coleman@math.gatech.edu
Wed, 07 May 1997 10:50:42 -0400

I've been thinking of a good name for the lispOS.
It seems pretty simple, but I believe a good name
is just "LOS".

In the poetry of William Blake, Los represent a very
important character

Los: "The Eternal Prophet", fallen form of Urthona.  He is
     Prophecy, Poetry, the creative impulse throughout human
     history; Time; the sun of Imagination.  He is the blacksmith
     of Man; He is the builder of Golgonooza.

Golgonooza: "hill of skulls".  The City of Art built by Los
     throughout human history in the midst of the fallen material
     of Ulro.

Ulro would represent Windows 95, et al...

Ulro: The world of pure materialism and delusion, the basest
      condition to which Man can sink.

What do you think?

Richard Coleman