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> Certainly your going to support babyl files :-)

[ Providing a serious answer for what I assume wasn't a serious question ]

I'm going to provide hooks for any kind of mail file and I'm going to
implement the ones that I think make sense.  Right now, I think I'll probably
have more important things to put my energy into, but if you can convince me
of the critical nature of babyl files (and get me a spec), I'll do it.  If you
can't, you should be able to do it yourself and share your code with the rest 
of us.  I would then include it.

Are you suggesting this because of the clear superiority of babyl files over 
the hidious things with the "From " lines that I *am* going to support?  Right 
now, I expect I'll support Unix "From " files because I have to, mh
directories because that's where my existing email is, qmail Maildirs because 
they're more reliable, and probably two as-of-yet undefined formats, both of
which are reliable, one being fast for most mail files and the other being
compact for archives.  These would probably be built on the POS that doesn't
yet exist.


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