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Marcus G. Daniels marcus@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu
07 May 1997 20:54:13 -0700

>>>>> "AA" == Adam Alpern <alpern@ns2.brightware.com> writes:

AA> nitpick: Maxima is an ugly car. Macsyma is what you meant.

Macsyma is now a proprietary program.  Maxima was ported from the
non-hoarded Macsyma by William Schelter.  Call Macsyma, "Macsyma", and
the weasels will be coming for you!

AA> However, it's not getting ported to Scheme. The danger in writing
AA> code to a system that's not standardized is that it's *not
AA> portable*.

GCC has nice extensions, and people use them.  Since GCC is
good-quality free compiler that has been ported to everything,
portability of the code itself is not a big problem: just build GCC
for that target.  If we really want to worry about working code, C,
C++, Win32, and Unix are where the bulk of free software exists.

I think people that want to code in Scheme should do so, as there is
pseudoscheme that runs on top of CMU-CL.  I think whatever is lost in
coordination is made up with enthusiasm.