Testing the waters.

Dwight Hughes dhughes@intellinet.com
Thu, 8 May 1997 01:23:22 -0500

| From: ET <emergent@eval-apply.com>
| Suppose my company were interested in developing LispOS in
| this manner:
|    Native i386 code,

Well, I think i486 code would be better as the base level.

|    no underlying unix (lisp down to the metal),

Fine, within reason.

|    start with Scheme as basis language,

I like Scheme, but I really think Common Lisp has the edge for system
software creation (especially for such a large project). Are any
free Scheme compilers available? I mean Scheme -> binary, not 
Scheme -> C -> binary.

|    design with support for persistent object system,


|    implementation tools running on '95/NT,

Define please.

|    free software.


| How many people would be interested in actually investing
| time and energy on this?  If there is a critical mass, I'll
| start the project.

I really see this as the same project essentially -- I'm certainly
rooting for continuations to be part of the "kernel", for example.
I don't see how Scheme would be better supported by its "own"
OS - except that the source of the system would also be in

-- Dwight