A name for this OS

Luca Pisati pisati@nichimen.com
Thu, 08 May 1997 10:43:46 -0700

Kelly Murray wrote:
> I guess SilkOS has been rejected?  I think the simple fact that it
> is something unknown will attract more interest than "LispOS",
> which many people will immediately reject as uninteresting or having
> already failed without looking further.  But if people don't agree this
> is a problem or issue, then "LispOS" is the best name in my opinion.

Not that I love SilkOs specially, but at least tries to
have some clear "keyword".  Most od the proposal I heard,
would be rejected by any commercial study ...

So far it looks to me that only Kelly is trying
to find a "brand" name, and somebody else to find
some "motto" the Right Thing (tm) ...

Anyway, as usually happens, a code name is good for
now, so that we know what we are talking about
(and LispOs is as good as SilkOs), then there will
be plenty of time to come up with something a little
bit more appealing (also try to think a name in
conjunction with a possible logo).

> On a related note, I believe RMS has very much impedded our potential
> progress by the restrictions he has helped encumber upon
> an enourmous body of software in the world.
> I've always wanted to start a "Knu" project -- which is what Gnu should
> have been -- writing truly free software that can be used to serve
> the interests of everyone, both public and private, hacker and corporation.
> -Kelly Edward Murray

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