P. Srinivas
Thu, 8 May 1997 15:02:59 -0600

Kelly Murray writes:
 > Consider we built this LispOS thing and Microsoft saw how great it was,
 > and so they took it, gave up on WindowsXX and sold it for $99 as their
 > new and improved operating system.
 > Would you consider our efforts failed or successful?

While this is not a place to discuss too much about pros and cons of
GPL, I would like to point out one things about GPL which you seem
to have ignored. That is the freedom. When Microsoft makes LispOS
proprietary and sells it for 99$, I will be unhappy not because of 99$
cost, but because of the fact that it is not free in the sense, I
do not get the freedom to hire somebody to make some changes to
what Microsoft sells. I will be unhappy even if MS sells the LispOS
for 99cents. When I use or buy some software, I do want to
be enslaved by the policies of the company who sold it.

Cost or price is the least of my worry.
Hope you see the point.