What's a POS??

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Fri, 09 May 1997 11:57:48 -0700

> I can't find AllegroStore on my Linux ACL CD, nor can I find information
> on the web about Statice API.

AllegroStore isn't on that CD because
  1. Franz sells it for big bucks right now.
  2. It uses ObjectStore underneath,
     and Object Design, Inc. laughed (really)
     at us when we asked for a Linux version.

You can get AllegroStore info (salesspeak mostly, sorry) on www.franz.com.

I'm working on something like AllegroStore that WILL run under Linux,
and I hope to make available for free just like ACL is now.
Same goes for the web server.

But I've not been convinced, let alone try to convince my management,
the risk of giving the stuff away and
giving out Franz "trade secrets" and all my help and effort
is going to get much in return.
I want to see widespread commercial apps written in Lisp.
I want to be able to get a job writting Lisp code as easy as I can
writing C++ or JAVA (call a headhunter, tell them you're a Lisp programmer,
see what they say)

The goal of a "Free Lisp OS" doesn't look to give much back for Franz,
or even myself for that matter as I see it.  If we build just
another really cool thing done in Lisp that has no value to the
marketplace it doesn't help, and many think (not me however)
that it would make things worse for Lisp.

But I'm repeating myself again..