Unicode (Was: mikemac's proposal)

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> <flame>
> As a multi-lingual European I'm often amazed how much software _still_
> thinks that everybody is an American. The amount of work I have to do to
> get X and xemacs to accept dead-keys is frustrating. And even then it
> doesn't work 100%. (like ispell) :-(
> </flame>

I'm glad to see so many non-americans on this list, so I hope y'all can keep 
this of us in the USA in line on this important issue.  If Mike's CLIM
implementation falls short in this area, for instance, be sure you beat him up.

Certainly internally a character is a character is a character and if they're 
implemented in 8 bits or 32 is an implementation detail that I don't want to 
think about as long as any string can contain a mix of all characters *and* I 
can export text in a variety of character sets.  When we get to this point, 
it'll be interesting to figure out how to generate a proper MIME message 
containing a mix of greek and japanese since the granulatity is all wrong in 
MIME...but first we need the substrate.  Any europeans volunteering to make 
unicode work in CMU-CL?


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