Terminology [Re: Model]

Dwight Hughes dhughes@intellinet.com
Sun, 11 May 1997 02:11:06 -0500

I am tired of the core of the LispOS being basically an undefined
blob of theoretical functionality. So I would like to propose this:

The core of the LispOS should be referred to as the Lisp Micro Kernel
or "lmk" for short (whether or not it will actually be such an
animal when we finish with it notwithstanding).

To organize our thoughts and plans I propose we refer to this
logical layering:

lmk level-0 "lmk0" --
    the layer responsible for all direct hardware interaction and
    containing all the most fundamental primitives

lmk level-1 "lmk1" --
    higher level primitives: for gc, virtual memory, pos, and such,
    and some hardware abstraction

lmk level-2 "lmk2" --
    actual gc, virtual memory, pos, ... algorithms; defines the abstract
    api for system resources to the rest of the LispOS

I know in practice that some of this separation will have to be relaxed
for best performance, but I think we need to have a logical framework
to hang our ideas on.

Let me know what you think.

-- Dwight