GNU A Possible Ally?

Chris Hanson
Sun, 11 May 1997 02:43:00 -0500

I disagree with the GPL because it doesn't allow me to make modifications
to something and then place what I believe are reasonable restrictions on
the distribution on those modifications.

I would support a BSD-like license that requires distribution of complete
source code with any commercial edition, as long as it also had clause that
prevented the commercial distributor from legal action against those who
have purchased the product and read the source.

(In other words, any commercial distributor could not sue a customer or
ex-customer for "contamination," if they come out with a similar product
that doesn't use the same source code.)

I think a license like that would be pretty much the best of both worlds:
People would be allowed to place reasonable restrictions on modifications
they make, and people wouldn't be locked out of developing functionally
equivalent enhancements if they have experience with any commercial version
that has some.