Marcus G. Daniels marcus@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu
12 May 1997 05:07:21 -0700

>>>>> "BS" == BRIAN SPILSBURY <zhivago@iglou.com> writes:

BS> If you mean by this that if when I have 10 threads going, and I
BS> shutdown and and restart then I still have those ten threads
BS> running, then I'm looking for the same thing.

That's what I want alrighty.

BS> it means when the world is in
BS> a synchronous state, ie no disjointedness in the data - because we
BS> have commited the state so far. This is sounding to me like your
BS> fuzzy transactionness.

I think so.

BS> Instead I would look at fine-grain object-level persistence as a
BS> way to ensure that even if the world gets disjoint, the objects in
BS> that transactional store, and the relations thereof are
BS> necessarily not disjoint.

Ok, I was trying to come up with a way to do fine-grain object-level
persistence; maybe there is a more efficient way to do than to wrap
all mutations of the system.