Scheme vs. CommonLisp vs. the World

Mon, 12 May 1997 13:08:26 -0400

The problem with basing a LispOS on CommonLisp
is that at the low level, you have to have a lobotomized,
non-conforming Common Lisp.  For example, full-fledged
common lisp arrays, with fill-pointers, displacement, etc.
are likely to be a higher level construct built upon
single dimensional arrays.

The issue here is that if we start with CommonLisp, we
must subtract from the standard to find a base level.  If
we start from Scheme, we can add to the standard to
approach CommonLisp.

Also, can we shitcan the CL package system?

Ultimately, I don't want to spend much time arguing this.
Scheme and CommonLisp vs. the rest of the world is
like arguing whether  Humans or Chimpanzees are more
evolved then prokaryotic cells.