TOO MUCH VOLUME -- a proposal

Luca Pisati
Mon, 12 May 1997 17:42:21 -0700

Jean-Philippe Theberge wrote:
> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc Wachowitz <> writes:
>     Marc> Fare Rideau <> wrote:
>     >> there is definitely TOO MUCH volume on the LispOS mailing list,
>     Marc> If the flooding of people's mailbox is the problem, I
>     Marc> suggest simply to carry this back to comp.lang.lisp and
>     Marc> comp.lang.scheme, possibly with a common prefix in the
>     Marc> subject line. For most people, newsgroups are probably more
>     Marc> comfortable for a large volume. I don't have the impressions
>     Marc> that we've got much to be kept secret, and I guess most of
>     Marc> us are reading those groups anyway (if necessary with
>     Marc> filtering or selection, and with threading). I don't mind
>     Marc> either way, since I'm reading news and mail alike with Gnus
>     Marc> in Emacs ;-)
> A question:  How are newsgroups created?
> Is it possible to make a new comp.lang.lispos?
> If so, i think this can be a good idea, i'm becoming overloaded with email too...

Newsgroups are good, but they tend to be "too" open.

A very good intermediate form is the:

mailing-list + newsgroup

the newsgroup is "moderated" in the sense that only
the people on the associated mailing list can post to
the newsgroup.  New people can join sending request
to the mailing list.

An example is the slug (Symbolics Lisp User Group)

We are adopting this strategy also on our intranet.

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