A name for this OS

Hiroyasu Osada osada@rtri.or.jp
Tue, 13 May 1997 13:54:32 +0900

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> > I would then suggest:	LiOS
> > 
> > 1) This is closer to "lion" than "loss"
> > 2) It has a funny syntax a la TeX.
> > 3) It is short.
> > 4) As far as I know, it has no meaning either in English, French,
> >    German or Japanese.
> > 
> > It is just too bad that, unlike Los, it has no root in the classical
> > litterature.
> How about 'April' ?  It comes in as a Lion, and goes out as a Lamb(da).
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Hello, ALL.

I 'm a Japanese hacker lisp programer.
I think that "lion" and "loss" is no meaning in Japanese.

Mailing list members forgot something. This is Japanise LispOS.
I 'm  a first programer display KANJI on a SUN-1 workstation.
And I wrote short program which input/ouput KANJI with UTILISP of Fujitsu mainframe.

I want to contribute CANNA (NEC Free KANJI front end processor running on UNIX, and
is mostly written by a original lisp) to all Lisp.

Regards, Hiroyasu.

Hiroyasu OSADA
Railway Technical Research Institute.
TEL: +81-425-7361
FAX: +81-425-7362
2-8-38 Hikari-cho Kokubunji-shi Tokyo, Japan, 185