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Tue, 13 May 1997 11:07:09 -0500

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Name: Chris Garrigues

Email address: cwg@DeepEddy.Com

Country: Texas

Experience: Worked for Symbolics for about 3 years way back when in Training 
and Software Support followed by 3 1/2 years of LispM administration for 
Schlumberger which mutated into Unix admin; Contributor to The UNIX-HATERS 

Special areas of interest: I'm interested in writing a kickass MUA (Mail User 
Agent).  I'd like to work on an MTA (Mail Transport Agent) as well at some
point.  To do what I want to do, we need to decide on a dialect, have a 
working CLIM and have an object-oriented filesystem interface so I can 
abstract out my file accesses.

Areas prepared to work on: I'd already started writing an MUA in Perl/Tk, and 
would like to abandon that effort for an Lisp/CLIM implementation.

Level of commitment: I'm self-employed and at the moment am "between 
projects", which means I could devote a fair amount of time until my money 
runs out.  Hopefully that will be soon, which unfortuantely means my time will 
start to dry up.  How come I never have money and time at the same time.


Chris Garrigues                    O-              cwg@DeepEddy.Com
  Deep Eddy Internet Consulting                     +1 512 432 4046
  609 Deep Eddy Avenue
  Austin, TX  78703-4513              http://www.DeepEddy.Com/~cwg/

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