Duty Roster (what a depressing idea!)

Marcus G. Daniels marcus@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu
13 May 1997 10:18:56 -0700

Name:  Marcus Daniels

Email address:              marcus@sysc.pdx.edu

Country:                    USA   [Portland, Oregon]

Experience:                 I work with scientific databases of various sorts.
                            I help maintain CLISP and contribute in varying
                            degrees to a number of GNU packages.

Special areas of interest:  Free software
                            Genetic programming / automatic programming

Areas prepared to work on:  A persistent store
                            Integration with legacy Unix code

Level of commitment:        A function of how well I can integrate
                            components with my GNU interests, and possibly
                            also work. 

                            I too am in the no-time/lots-of-time duality.
                            (for a month or so I have time)