Kernel Lisp Definition?

Marc Wachowitz
Wed, 14 May 97 13:02:26 +0200

"Dwight Hughes" <> wrote:
> From initial browsing I think the EuLisp Definition version 0.99 at:
>        <>
> would be a good place to start. It is very clean with quite
> distinct Level-0 and Level-1 definitions.

For a more modular application-level Lisp it's a nice start, except for
missing parts, like a useful macro system or declarations for efficiency,
and such nonsense as the inability to do general character comparisons.
For a Kernel Lisp, I think it's too high-level, and doesn't leave much
room e.g. for the recently discussed immutability and freedom to share
or clone some immutable data.
-- Marc Wachowitz <>