bignums in a reflective system

Andreas Eder
Wed, 14 May 1997 17:35:13 +0200

the .w3/profile

;; W3 Options Settings
;; ===================
  (setq-default w3-delay-image-loads nil)
  (setq-default w3-delay-mpeg-loads t)
  (setq-default ps-print-color-p t)
  (setq-default w3-color-use-reducing t)
  (setq-default w3-color-filter 'ppmdither)
  (setq-default w3-dump-to-disk nil)
  (setq-default w3-user-colors-take-precedence nil)
  (setq-default w3-do-incremental-display nil)
  (setq-default url-automatic-caching t)
  (setq-default url-standalone-mode nil)
  (setq-default url-use-hypertext-gopher t)
  (setq-default url-use-hypertext-dired t)
  (setq-default url-proxy-services '(("news" . "") ("wais" . "") ("security" . "") ("http" . "") ("gopher" . "") ("ftp" . "")))
  (setq-default url-be-asynchronous nil)
  (setq-default w3-default-homepage nil)
  (setq-default url-privacy-level 'none)
  (setq-default w3-toolbar-orientation 'default)
;; ==========================
;; End of W3 Options Settings

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