Marcus G. Daniels
14 May 1997 10:39:44 -0700

>>>>> "ET" == ET  <> writes:

ET> For the i486, I'm thinking the standard hack of using the low one
ET> or two bits for immediate/pointer discrimination, and putting the
ET> type code info at the head of the object, etc. etc. etc.

So the suggestion is not to lay out the address space per object type?

ET> When I was implementing MIT-Scheme for the 8086, I decided to use
ET> the SP register as the allocation frontier, and the BP register to
ET> point to the current environment.  Henry Baker apparently came up
ET> with this at around the same time with his ``Cheney on the MTA''
ET> paper that introduces ``treadmill GC''.

I don't understand what you mean w.r.t. GC.  Copying or non-copying?