Duty Roster

William A. Barnett-Lewis wlewis@mailbag.com
Wed, 14 May 1997 18:23:20 -0500

Name: William Barnett-Lewis
Email address: wlewis@mailbag.com
Country: Wisconsin, USA

Relevant experience: Some lisp, way too much C, Linux/Minix hacking, DBA &
Sys Admin work.

Special areas of interest: Kernel Guts- Persistant store/FS, GC, how to put
it on the "bare metal"

Areas prepared to work on: Currently studying CMUCL sources to try building
a stand alone version once the new Flux toolkit is available. Am also trying
to track down a copy of any old LM or Interlisp sources.

Level of commitment: Most week nights & weekends...Am quiting smoking
tobacco & need the distraction!!!

William A. Barnett-Lewis
"We are artists.  Poets paint motion  and light.  Historians paint stills.
It can be dangerous to get history from a poet.  It can also be the greatest
						Larry Miller Murdock