Duty Roster

Tomas Arvidsson md94-tar@nada.kth.se
Thu, 15 May 1997 03:15:54 +0200

Name: Tomas Arvidson

Email address: md94-tar@nada.kth.se, (tomas@kytt.se)

Country: Sweden

Experience:	Little - mostly from assisting/teching in CS laboratory
		classes at Stockholm University/Royal Institute
		of Technology while still being (a somewhat easily
		distracted) student in math/CS (with a bit of EE on
		the side). Programming experience in ADA, ARexx,
		assembler, BASIC, C, Eiffel, (Common) Lisp, ML,
		Pascal, Scheme, Simula and VHDL. Organizational experience
		from being in commitees for non-profit organizations.

Special areas of interest: general electronics, design/implementation
		of digital systems, robotics, OO design/implementation,
		databases, AI, compilers, GC, etc (in no particular order).

Areas prepared to work on: Things that should be in the kernel-proper
		(writing device-drivers in Lisp would be interesting),
		object store, compiler stuff.

Level of commitment: We've got the summer holiday coming up and though
		I have things planned I should be able to manage
		between 4 and 8 hours/day for the next 2 months - with
		some exceptions.