Immutable things.

Alaric B. Williams
Fri, 16 May 1997 20:27:15 +0000

> So when I see a proposal, I ask myself "What problem with the LispM is this
> going to solve?"  And for all the flaws in CL, I don't see how inventing a
> new language (or dialect if you prefer) is going to solve more problems
> than it might potentially create.  Never mind trying to get 100 people to
> agree on each and every feature left in or left out!

I'm designing a LISP-like dialect anyway for another (similar) project.
I'll post my core spec when it's ready. Then, by actually having created
a core spec (it won't be very formal, I'm afraid; I'm no lawyer! Would
a metacircular definition do?!?!?), I'll have made SOMETHING, which people
can either flock to or run from...

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