Duty Roster

Thomas Fischbacher tf@another.gun.de
Sat, 17 May 1997 13:39:22 +0200

Name: Thomas Fischbacher

Email address: tf@another.gun.de , fischbac@informatik.tu-muenchen.de

Country: Germany

    Unix geek. Worked with a variety of different languages in the past.
    Fluent in C and SML; increasingly use LISP to solve all kinds of
    problems. (But there are still many things I have to learn about CL.)
    Occasionally doing things in PERL and a few other languages.
    Know enough about the Linux kernel to write a device driver.
    Network programming and Xlib experience. Fascinated by the Lambda

Special areas of interest:
    Being a physics student, I am very interested in building a machine
    I can be productive with.
    Discovered how to use the power of functional programming for
    solving real problems some time ago. Though Unix is very reliable and
    therefore not too bad to get work done, it's also often the cause
    of nasty problems one would like not to have to deal with.
    Just think of the usual Unix way of re-parsing valuable data that
    have been flattened down to ASCII output by piping it into awk or
    perl. Or think of those braindead command lines you have to type
    when you want to do fancier things with find(1).
Areas prepared to work on:
    Of course I'd prefer to work on topics I have experience with,
    but since I'm generally very curious about things and like to get
    new insights, I'm prepared to work on anything. I'd like to know
    more about kernel internals.
Level of commitment:
    Currently about 5 hours/week (weekends).
    More in late summer/early autumn when I don't have any lectures
    and exams.