Chris Bitmead uid
Mon, 19 May 1997 09:39:49 +1000

>Hmmm... interesting scenario; I see what you mean.
>You're right, I wasn't generic enough. There should be a version
>tree, but I still think the filer needs to work in terms of a container
>for all the versions, no matter how they are organised inside.
>How about this:
>All versions contains a "from" pointer, which simply points to the
>version it came from?
>Then you have the numbering, by counting arcs in a simple linear version,
>and you have the power.
>Can anyone think of any cases that it breaks?

Yes, the same situation that I already gave.

The point is, when you have a persistent object store, you get at
objects using a reference to an object rather than a path name. Thus
you don't know where the object came from. Thus you can't make
assumptions about what should happen when you update it.