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> Hmm, from my (and many other people's) experience with porting non-
> trivial C programs, I'd rather say that it showed how important it
> is (both for implementations and for programmers) to care for a
> reliable standard, to avoid the mess of having to run sophisticated
> configuration tools and needing lots of #ifdef and portability fixes
> and so on. As soon as one looks at the more interesting features,
> portability on Unix variants is all but trivial.

I think Larry Wall, et. al. said this best:

	"Perl was written in C, not because it's a portable language, but 
	 because it's a ubiquitous language.  A bare C program is about as 
	 portable as Chuck Yeager on foot."

		--- Footnote explaining the library for accessing configuration 
		    information on page 385 of _Programming_Perl_, 2nd Edition


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