Resources/References for LispOS/LispVM

Dwight Hughes
Tue, 20 May 1997 18:12:56 -0500

| From: Fare Rideau <>
| Dear Dwight,
|    please note that all the pointers you just published, and many more,
| could already be found in the Tunes Review subproject:
| in the Languages.html, OSes.html, and VMs.html pages.
| [BTW, I just revamped the parts about LISP and its dialects]
| Contributions and/or Feedback welcome.
| #f

Dear Fare,
	You have half the Internet in your lists! What I'm trying to
do is to put together a reasonably comprehensive list of pointers,
papers, resources that have been brought up in various discussions
on the LispOS/LispVM mailing lists and that I have found to be
of direct relevance to these projects. My first list is a start
on that, which I plan to make somewhat more comprehensive and
certainly more specific - listing the particular papers of primary
interest at the various sites - and hopefully more organized and
informative. I'm not trying to create a comprehensive listing of
Computer Science on the Internet (I'll leave that to you ;-b).

-- Dwight