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Henry G. Baker
Tue, 20 May 1997 16:59:20 -0700 (PDT)

> OK. Job #1 is to get Henry Baker's papers off of Netcom and on to a
> host with a lighter load. (Or is Henry's great fountain of experience
> and wisdom *the* cause of the heavy load at Netcom? 8^)
> -- 
> Patrick Logan       

I don't think it is all 'load' on Netcom.  The ftp server is now
serving up only about 1/3 as much data as it was 1 year ago, since
most of this load has moved to other ISP's ;-).  (One guy was using
Netcom ftp as a staging area for multi-gigabytes of porn sent to Japan
every night, but he has apparently been kicked off and/or is in jail.)

There is still a connection limit, but I think that it is seldom
reached any more.  I have heard rumors that Netcom supports only one
of the two types of 'ftp' service: 'passive' or 'active' (I don't know
which, and I don't even know what these terms mean).  I have heard
that people with certain types of firewalls find it impossible to ftp
into netcom.  I think that some of the popular browsers don't give a
sh*t about 'ftp://...' URL's, and so they never get them debugged.

If you have access to the 'lynx' ascii browser, I highly recommend it.
Only a very few of my papers have gifs, so you won't miss very much.
Also, many people are still paper-oriented, so printing the .ps files
may still be the best way.

Henry Baker
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