Kernel LISP - how low down can it go?

Patrick Logan
Wed, 21 May 97 13:11 PDT

>>>>> "Henry" == Henry G Baker <> writes:

    Henry> You can go down to the bare metal.  The Lispm had
    Henry> 'subprimitives' which were indicated by prefixes of '%%' I
    Henry> seem to recall.  With these subprimitives you have complete
    Henry> access to all of the bits, and can put in new datatype
    Henry> bits, etc...

    Henry> Whether this is the best idea or not is another question.
    Henry> But you _can_ do it.

Is there a good summary of the entire project so far? E.g. how many
people are interested in working on it, what are their areas of
interest, etc.?

Building a "LispOS" from top to bottom leaves a *lot* of room for
parallel development from the compiler/language people, to the
utilities and applications people, to the Lisp-level run-time people,
to the bit-head device people (if there are people that *want* to jump
right into an experiment running Lisp down to the metal.)

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