Versioning and persistence

Chris Bitmead uid
Thu, 22 May 1997 10:46:49 +1000

>>>>>> "Chris" == x22068  <Chris> writes:
>    Chris> What does Gemstone do when obj A points to obj B and obj B
>    Chris> gets updated to a new version. Does obj A point to the
>    Chris> original version or the latest version? Whichever way
>    Chris> Gemstone does it, what if that wasn't what you wanted?
>Let's say B is an instance of ClassB-1 and a new version of the class,
>ClassB-2 is defined. B is still an instance of ClassB-1 until somebody
>tells it to migrate. Migration can be triggered in various ways. The
>easiest is to tell the class to #migrateAllInstances.

Sorry, I wasn't talking about new versions of classes, but rather new
versions of instances. Can you tell us if Gemstone has any versioning
scheme on this level. It may not, which is fine, but if it does it may
provide another viewpoint.