Call For Volunteers -- Round 2
Wed, 21 May 1997 21:42:02 -0500 (CDT)

Hello everyone,

In case anyone missed it the first time around, this is the second
call for Volunteers.  The first one met with many volunteers and
the list expanded substantially -- there are now 26 volunteers.

In case you have yet to volunteer, this is your chance.  The guidelines
for doing so will be posted after the list of names.

Here are the names of all the volunteers:

Name: Ahmed Hammad
Name: Franc,ois-Rene' "Fare'" Rideau DDa(.ng-Vu~ Ba^n
Name: Chris Bitmead
Name: Brian Spilsbury
Name: Chris Garrigues
Name: Marcus Daniels
Name: Harvey Stein
Name: Jean-Philippe Theberge
Name: António Leitão
Name: Bao Ha
Name: Martin Cracauer
Name: Pierpaolo Bernardi
Name: David Gadbois
Name: Dwight Hughes
Name: William Barnett-Lewis
Name: Rodrigo Ventura
Name: Jordan Henderson
Name: Luca Pisati
Name: Tomas Arvidson
Name: Dave Hudson
Name: Andreas Eder
Name: Mike Rilee
Name: Paul Prescod
Name: Peter Van Eynde
Name: Alaric Blagrave Williams 
Name: Thomas Fischbacher

Now here is a sample entry -- again, please only post entries under
the subject "Duty Rosters", and please no discussions on that thread
(this simplifies things and helps accuracy -- thank you):


Name: Ahmed Hammad

Email address:

Country: USA

Experience: Most of my business experience involves code maintenance
	    for C, C++, and Fortran.  I also have a lot of personal
	    experience in C and C++.  My Lisp experience is much less,
	    and mostly personal with the exception of various Elisp
	    text processing programs.

Special areas of interest: Anything that involves Lisp -- especially
		           if graphics are involved.

Areas prepared to work on: Anything.

Level of commitment: I am willing to devote most of my weeknights and
		     perhaps even some time on weekends for this 
		     project.  So roughly 3-6 hours 4 nights a week,
		     with possible weekend contributions.