Compiler optimizations

Brent Benson
Thu, 22 May 1997 08:16:39 -0400

Patrick Logan wrote:
> From the little I have read of Jeffrey Mark Siskind's Stalin compiler
> for Scheme, it sounds like it does an impressive job of case analysis
> and choosing representations. The drawback is it requires a "closed
> world assumption" in that it requires all the source code for an
> application and then special cases the hell out of it.
> I have been wondering in the back of my mind about a compromise. For
> building a large system like [parts of] an OS, there may be a way to
> delineate a subsystem, and apply the Stalin technique to that.

In fact, you can already do this with Stalin using the foreign function
call mechanism to provide inter-module communication (according to some
private email from Siskind).

Brent Benson