Kernel LISP - how low down can it go?

Patrick Logan
Thu, 22 May 97 08:25 PDT

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Hudson <> writes:

    Dave> My other query is that if I wanted to be able to support
    Dave> dynamic typing all the way down (and not use any explicit
    Dave> static typing if I can avoid it), how much of a runtime
    Dave> system would I need that couldn't be coded in Lisp?

The point some people have been making is that the entire system down
to the metal can be written in Lisp. But this Lisp has to be able to
express things like memory/register/etc. locations and bit layouts for
the lowest level stuff.

Now your question becomes how much of the system has to be expressed
using the part of Kernel Lisp that expresses memory locations and bit
layouts. Not much.

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