A Summary of Project so far

Patrick Logan patrickl@servio.gemstone.com
Thu, 22 May 97 08:39 PDT

>>>>> "Dwight" == Dwight Hughes <dhughes@intellinet.com> writes:

    Dwight> Now that I think about it some more, I believe the X
    Dwight> discussion centered more around the importance of being
    Dwight> able to view the LispOS remotely on X terminal
    Dwight> emulators. What would be the minimum required to do this?

The *minimum* might be to support Telnet.

    Dwight> I'm mainly interested in someone else developing nice
    Dwight> modular device drivers for us...

Looks like the OS kit is headed in that direction for display
drivers. But could headless be an option, supporting only Telnet,
HTTP, Java/RMI, and/or Tk?

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