Why [not] X?

Mike McDonald mikemac@titian.engr.sgi.com
Thu, 22 May 1997 18:05:34 -0700

>From: "Dwight Hughes" <dhughes@intellinet.com>
>To: "Patrick Logan" <patrickl@servio.gemstone.com>, <lispos@math.gatech.edu>
>Subject: Re: Why [not] X? 
>Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 19:30:37 -0500
>| From: Patrick Logan <patrickl@servio.gemstone.com>
>| >>>>> "Mike" == Mike McDonald <mikemac@titian.engr.sgi.com> writes:
>|     Mike> Unlike most of the people on this list, Kelley is actually
>|     Mike> doing something other than BSing about who's research
>|     Mike> project is better than everyone else's...
>| Well you'll get no apology from me. I'm still trying to determine what
>| this thing is you're building.
>Pay no mind -- Kelly is working at high-level in the LispEnv. He also had
>the thing about half done anyway before this project got started. Besides,
>*ahem*, someone, who shall remain nameless (but his initials are "Mike"),
>said they were implementing CLIM, *ahem* ;-b.
>-- Dwight

  Actually, his initials are, *ahem*, MRM. :-) I just think you guys
have dived off the high board head first with Henry and Fare judging
the dives. Only problem is no one bothered to check to see if there
was any water in the pool!

  Mike McDonald