Why [not] X?

Patrick Logan patrickl@servio.gemstone.com
Fri, 23 May 97 00:01 PDT

>>>>> "Jordan" == Jordan Henderson <jordan@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> writes:

    Jordan> Sorry if I left anyone's strongly favored features out.

I don't think so. Well said.

    Jordan> If people have specific proposals for some implementation
    Jordan> issue/feature/application, send them to me and I'll put
    Jordan> them up...

Like Kelly, I'm about to drop out of the conversation and get to
work. A bit out of sync with the direction of this effort, I have two
things going in my rare spare time. Right now I am learning Haskell,
because I think functional programming is worth knowing if for no
other reason. And I have been thinking of ways to add a JVM capability
to the RScheme system. Because Java needs good development tools, and
because Lisp needs good connectivity to the rest of the world, which
seems to be heading toward Java with a full head of steam. (There may
be a wall that it will hit next year, but who cares? It'd be more fun
connecting to Java-2D than to X. 8^) Down the road I'd like to add a
Kali-like mechanism to RScheme because I think the Texas group will
carry RScheme forward in a way that Scheme48 won't, in terms of
performance and supporting other languages/syntaxes/etc.

If someone is interested in any of this, send me some mail. If
necessary I can set up a mail list using my ISP.

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