Persistence: a proposal

Chris Bitmead uid
Fri, 23 May 1997 17:05:18 +1000

>Which is another reason starting with RScheme and Texas is an idea to
>consider. Although I don't know if Texas is already a 64-bit system or
>simply an idea.

I'd like to second the proposition that we should consider RScheme and
Texas PS. Everytime I hear about RScheme it sounds like it's got 90%
of what I want, and actually seems to have been the Right Thing(tm)
from the start.

What it doesn't have is nice doco, and a user friendly
environment. But that is what we all want to build isn't it? :-)

>From memory, RScheme has a virtual machine, and a C generator. It
shouldn't be too hard to pull out the C generator at some future time,
but for the moment it would provide a good starting point.

It's got threads, an object system, a real-time precise garbage
collector, is very portable, allows mixing byte-code and native code,
has modules, separate compilation, a persistent object store.

You can read more at...

What does everybody think? It would provide a good kick along in
getting this project up to speed.