Persistence: a proposal

Chris Bitmead uid
Fri, 23 May 1997 18:15:44 +1000

>   It sounds as if it is aiming at an area where Gemstone is weak.
>This seems to be a fundamental tradeoff -- if you do things on an object basis
>you have good concurrency and efficient small transactions, but it's hard to
>efficiently support processes that create or modify 10^6 objects at a shot.

Not necessarily so. It depends if those objects have a great deal of
locality with respect to pages (or segments or whatever the unit of
commit is).

If the 10^6 objects are randomly scattered across 50 terabytes of data,
an object basis would probably provide better performance.

Although, probably most applications that modify lots of data have
good locality (such as CAD/CAM applications).