How do we get started?

Fare Rideau
Fri, 23 May 1997 13:34:23 +0200 (MET DST)

> We really need to get a more concrete plan of how to BEGIN and what
> LispOS 0.0.0 MUST contain -- not what LispOS 1.0.0 WILL contain.
Well, we need both, though the first seems to be lacking most.

Your management constraints are quite reasonable
for the project as a whole, as well as for each subproject.

Still, to get things done, need to identify these subprojects
and divide accordingly. It is ok to have several subprojects
with divergent interests, or even several groups with the same interests,
but different point of views. Again, running code shall eventually win.

If no one else volunteers, I'm willing to maintain a subproject
for a Kernel Lisp.
   Note that it is somehow in redundance/competiton
with the LispVM subproject; but I think there are enough divergence
of views between LispVM people and Kernel Lisp people
to have separate projects -- Running code shall eventually win.
   Immediate goals:
define a core language, and implement it in any quick implementation
language: hacks an existing CL/Scheme compiler (say, CMUCL),
write an interpreter in C/asm, whatever.
Performance is not an immediate goal. Running code is, even kludgy.
   Afterwards, it's time to modify the specs (no legacy code bs),
and optimize the implementation.

   Again, I invite all people interested by that approach to
join; instructions on
   We shall appoint a subproject coordinator. If no one volunteers,
I'm ready to be in charge, but I'll gladly hand this charge over,
especially to someone like Henry Baker. Someone else might volunteer, too...

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